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How long after I submit will I receive a response?

Agency should acknowledge request within four business days. Pursuant to Conn. Gen. Stat. § 1-210, public records must be kept accessible and must be made available to a requesting person "promptly during regular office or business hours."  It is the Freedom of Information Commission's (FOIC) opinion that the word "promptly," as used in Conn. Gen. Stat. §1‑210(a), means quickly and without undue delay, taking into account all of the factors presented by a particular request.  In Advisory Opinion #51, the FOIC stated “[because the facts are going to vary, and vary in significance, in each case, the Commission cannot definitively set out in this opinion all of the factors that should be considered in determining promptness.” However, the FOIC advised that “common sense and good will ought to be the guiding principles.”  

See Conn. Gen. Stat. sec. 1-206(a)1-210(a) and Advisory Opinion #51.